Networking on Linkedin just got easier.

Anyone can start getting more out of LinkedIn with a simple, 3 step process. Discover the free, online framework for using groups to boost personal networking. Meet weekly for business referrals, post engagement, and celebrating wins.

It’s all about making friends you can enjoy working with. 

About Best

BEST stands for Business Engagement in Small Teams. Too corny?

Anyone can start a group on LinkedIn with the BEST framework. Create an online, mini business community that values people before profits. 

BEST groups encourage regular referrals, purposeful networking, and trust building. Weekly, reconnect to create awareness of our skillsets, ask for referrals, celebrate wins, and educate each other on fresh areas of opportunity.

Let’s keep making LinkedIn valuable again! Look forward to making friends, and enriching our LinkedIn experience together.

PS: not officially endorsed by LinkedIn. Totally grassroots.

We’re passionate about LinkedIn because we’re gunning for referrals, extra income, learning, opportunities. Possibly a job.

But we struggle with two  common problems. Nice people (us) feel timid about asking for work (yuck. spammy.) Spamtrolls engage anywhere, link dumping for ‘exposure’.

We need to we empower the #teamhuman members of LinkedIn to be more confident about asking for referrals, leads, and great connections.

We need a plan. Something that’s rinse-and-repeat.

Pick the BEST option.

My Personal BEST

Weekly insights from some of the best minds and coaches on LinkedIn.

 Stories of exceptional people and inspiring moments, and 4 simple tips that you can start using today. 


Host your BEST

Leadership training from advanced members of the LinkedIn community. Tips to help you become a better group admin, a better networker, and a better person! 

Send me a personalized message about why you’re interested. 

Suggestions for improvements? Ideas?

I’m all ears! This is something we’re building together. And you just might have the insights to make it more amazing for everyone.

For example, how can we make it easier for people to know what groups are out there?

LinkedIn is so much more than a ‘living breathing resume’ that you check once a month.

Many of us run around connecting to people we don’t know. Hoping someone pays attention to us.

Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Hi, I’m Dominic de Souza, the ‘BEST founder ever’. I keep finding that micro groups are succeeding everywhere:

  • We’re making new friends.
  • Getting to know each other really well.
  • Learning to trust each other.

How can we make this goodness free for all?

We just need a set of simple rules for referrals, celebrating wins, and asking for work.

LinkedIn brings you a fantastic freedom to connect with anyone. But to really enjoy that freedom, you need a framework.

Something that’s rinse-and-repeat.

So we’re using LinkedIn’s surprising superpower. Groups. 

Groups are special interest networks. People who connect around an idea, a purpose. The trick is finding good ones.


With the shift in social media usage in the recent years, closed communities such as Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups might be the next best way to engage your audience. (Why LinkedIn Groups Can Be Great for Businesses (and How to Create a Successful One)

Groups Like LinkedIn Local and BNI are already doing incredible things around the world for in-person networking. 

I’m surprised that there isn’t a way to replicate their success online, especially since LinkedIn brings several unique factors.


    Each of us is a resume and network cloud, which means anyone can reference your experience to kickstart conversations.
    The framework is free; no dues needed. Anyone can start a group for any reason.

    Conversations are 'recorded' through threads (minutes, anyone?)
    You're not tied to a location. You can network with anyone, anywhere.
    Private, one-to-one discussions can be started at any time.

    Referrals and endorsements can end up on your resume as a matter of regular course.

    In person, we’re smiles and business cards. Online, we’re that plus resume and network cloud. Powerful.

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