Additional Ideas

Additional Ideas

Get: ‘My Personal Best’ Weekly Digest

Weekly insights from some of the best minds and coaches on LinkedIn.  Stories of exceptional people and inspiring moments, and 4 simple tips that you can start using today. 

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Join: The Best of the BEST Group

Leadership training from advanced members of the LinkedIn community. Tips to help you become a better group admin, a better networker, and a better person! 

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Inbox-based Group Chat

Set up a Inbox-based Group Chat for general conversation, instant updates, questions, and coffee-hour conversation.

An ideal way to keep people notified. Not everyone will want to be involved, of course.

Inbox-based Links Chat

Create an Inbox-based Links Chat for people to share things they would like more engagement on. Early engagement through likes and comments helps your posts get better traction and exposure.

Weekly Icebreaker Threads

Google for business icebreaker questions. Let’s get people talking and sharing lunch break fun. Nothing breaks the ice like a little humanity, humor and fun.

Inbox-based Host Chat

Staying on the same page is important. Set up a higher-tier group chat that allows your hosts to stay in touch with each other with a little more privacy.

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All of this is a labor of love. And coffee. I'm totally in it for the coffee. And the conversations.

So let's connect! And please drop a tip in the jar. It really helps me get this going!

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