Frequently Asked Questions


How many members?

Perhaps 30 people is enough? Your call. Again, the goal is to be intimate enough to get to know everyone really well.


Who gets in?

Decide not to accept people based on certain parameters; for example, they must have a profile picture, clear description, 15+ connections.


What if I don't jive with the team?

If the community isn’t working for you, feel free to leave and start your own, or ask around if there are any openings.


Can I create multiple groups?

You can do whatever you want. But ideally, you should be spending quality time with one community.


How do I set a group color?

Right now you can’t set the header color – but you can create unlisted groups until you get the randomized header color you like… then delete the unneeded ones. 😉 #notofficial

Buy me a Coffee?

All of this is a labor of love. And coffee. I'm totally in it for the coffee. And the conversations.

So let's connect! And please drop a tip in the jar. It really helps me get this going!

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