How to Start Your BEST Group

1: Create a Group

Call it anything you want, and end with BEST.

Note: Unless you appoint a team leader, you are the admin of the group. You might want to elect a few moderators to help keep an eye on things. Expect to be the one leading, or find someone willing to keep things alive by engaging in everything. Read #5 here.

Note: With a unlisted LinkedIn group you can: screen those permitted to join the group, protect the identify of the membership, protect the identity of the administrators, protect the content (What are the pros and cons of unlisted LinkedIn groups?)

2. Fill in the Description

Here’s a template to get you going. Tweak as needed.

Sample Group Description

The [Your Name] BEST is an exclusive community of people-focused small businesses and entrepreneurs, who put people before profits.

This group is limited to one member per profession, to encourage

1) regular referrals

2) purposeful networking

3) trust building.

Every week, we re-connect as a group to create awareness of our skillsets, ask for referrals, celebrate wins, and educate each other on fresh areas of opportunity.

Together, we look forward to making friends, and enriching our LinkedIn experience.

3. Establish clear rules of engagement

Here’s a template to get you going. Tweak as needed.

Sample Group Rules

Thanks for joining the [Your Name] BEST. Our group is committed to creating a great, human-friendly environment for building friendships, referrals, and business networking. We learn from each other through constructive, insightful, and open discussions. Together, we work to help each other nurture referrals and great business, free of pressure, and always friendly.

We monitor all submissions, and delete anything that includes a link to a post, article, or promotion. If you would like to share relevant posts and articles for engagement, you are free to do that on your feed, or another group here on LinkedIn. Our group stays free of profanity, or anything negative, by working together to be family-friendly and professional.

Our group puts real discussions, and real people, first. Any member who violates the rules will be removed from the group, with no questions asked. Why so strict? The primary success of this group stems from how tightly we manage it!

Members are free to share job requests as needed. Or direct message your appropriate team member.

Welcome! I’m grateful to have you as a part of our group, and look forward to engaging with you.

[Your Name]


4. Build a Dream Team

Membership for any group is by invitation only. Admins and hosts have the final say on who gets in, and who goes. This saves it from being a free-for-all.

Probably the first and best way to get started is to go through your contact list. Personally invite a select few whom you already enjoy following, and know would make for a great group.

If they’re interested, share their profile with the group hosts. 

Rinse and repeat!

Note: Don’t be afraid to say no! Group hosts know how many ‘applicants’ are in the wings, and often opts for the member who best fits the tone of the group.

5. Share the Article!

Every new member should add a tweaked version of this article to their profile as a condition of membership. This helps spread the message! 

It also empowers people to start creating their own groups.

Article Template: Ask Me About my BEST

I’ve just joined a small community on LinkedIn, committed to making friends, generating referrals, and enriching our time online as a team. We’re looking for one person from each profession to fill out our 30 spaces.

The goal is to create small, tightly networked teams who come to rely on each other for inspiration, insights, and new business opportunities.

Would you like to join me? Message me to see if we have an opening! If we do, our group host will respond with an invite.

If we already have someone from your profession, or the team has firmed up faster than anticipated, why don’t you start your own?

You can read more about how you can get a successful MicroTeam up and running in minutes.

Ask any questions! New openings happen all the time. Its possible that I might try to steal you into my awesome group sometime.


Start my post

Copy and paste, tweak, and publish! Let’s spread the word!

6. Pin a Welcome Thread

All newcomers should have a standard area for introducing themselves, and being welcomed into the community.

Everyone should expect to follow everyone in the group, to help each other’s posts get better feed traction. Connecting with each other is the goal.

7. Share your BEST name 

Head on over to the BEST company page on LinkedIn, and share the name of your team with the network.

Now your connections know you’ve started a group. It also helps the rest of the community see that we’re doing something positive together.

Follow the page for network-wide updates, questions, ideas, and posts. 

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