Meet the Founder

Meet Dominic

Can I call myself the BEST founder ever?  

Hi, I’m Dominic de Souza, a 30yr old brand strategist, storyteller, and designer with a passion for authentic human interactions.

With the incredible people in my life, I’ve taught myself everything I know by working on the job, binge reading, researching, falling down a lot, and getting up again one more time.

I know that there are tons of people out there, just like me. 

Whether you work remotely or not, we all crave human, friendly connections.

And if you’re on social networks like LinkedIn, the challenge is all about asking for help, work, and referrals – without feeling yucky.

Today, we can connect and collaborate with people all around world, like never before in human history. 

There are tons of us who dream of a better future, even though we can’t afford higher education. And we can’t afford not to be working. 

I’m tired of going it alone. Just like you. 

We believe in treating people right, the way we enjoy being treated. The golden rule. 

We want to make a positive impact on the world.  And we want to do it with friends. 

Together, we’re going to create amazing engagement, and build friendships and referrals around working together. 

And that’s what being the BEST is all about. 


Dominic de Souza

Dominic de Souza

Dominic de Souza


Be Remembered: Brand Design & Business Storytelling That Engages People, Boosts Marketing & Delights Customers.

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