The Best of the BEST

Ready to Host your BEST?

Being a group admin is like running a small business. You’re managing a team of people across different time zones, and with different personalities. 

If you’re interested in the challenge, then you’re probably the kind of person who’d love to be in the exclusive Best of the BEST group.

To help us all learn how to manage and maintain great groups, we need our own coffee-hour to chat, share and learn. 

And every Wednesday, we’ll invite a group coach, or someone special from the LinkedIn community, to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Each meeting has a different focus; team management, neurolinguistics, etiquette, leadership vision, communication, sales tactics, negotiation skills, etc.

Note: This group is not for the average small business looking to grow their bottom line, and network. The Best of the BEST are leaders and hosts. 

Ready to be the Best of the BEST?

Send me a short message explaining why you’d like to join, and what your specialty is for an optional AMA.

Know someone who would make for an amazing member?

Let me know! Have an idea for an incredible AMA discussion? Let’s talk!

When does this start?

I’ll start this exciting group once two things happen: 

  1. We reach 30 members. 
  2. I can find 3 people willing to help me host this group.

Everyone who helps me with this group will be publicly acknowledged.

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