The Weekly Convos

1. Weekly Meeting & Agenda

This is the one time during the week that everyone can share their skillset, and specific business request.

Since folk are global, it’s not possible/reasonable to have everyone present at the same time. Obviously, its more engaging if you are. Expect it to be an ‘all-day’ discussion.

Template: Title: Hi everyone, welcome to this week’s open floor!

If you’re new, it’s great to have you! Please check out the rules so that we can all enjoy our team time together. A couple of quick introductions. I’m the group admin, and these people are your group hosts: [@list them]

  1. Share 1-2 sentences about what you do
  2. Your business request for this week.

Today, our featured AMA (Ask Me Anything) is [person’s name], who’ll be answering any questions you have in their field of expertise.

2. Weekly AMA 

Either the team admin, or the featured AMA speaker starts that day’s thread. If they’re confident, they could even do a live video.

As more members join, you might consider hosting two AMA’s a week to really keep the group alive. 

Note: Be careful about doing too much, unless the group members really hit it off and are enjoying themselves.

3. Celebrate Weekly Wins

Every Thursday, launch a weekly win thread, asking people to ballpark the income they’ve made from BEST referrals.

They don’t have to share, but it is extremely helpful: 

  1. It demonstrates (especially to newcomers) that it’s worth everyone’s time to be involved as a great team member.
  2. It also shows that the members are building trust with one another.

The group exists to create income opportunities. It’s important to celebrate wins.

Template Title: Time for the Weekly wins!

  1. Share how much income you made this week based on working with a member of this team.
  2. Did you have a great meeting with someone? Share what excites you about working with them, and what you’re planning on exploring together.
  3. Had a great experience working with someone? Tag them here and share your thoughts, and then go over to their profile and add it as a recommendation and endorsement.
  4. If you haven’t yet followed or connected to everyone in this group, now’s the time!

Let’s start!

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